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When a Long Train of Abuses and Usurpations, Pursuing Invariably the Same Object, Evinces a Design to Reduce Them [I.E. the People] Under Absolute Despotism, It Is Their Right, It Is Their Duty, to Throw off Such Government, and to Provide New Guards for Their Future Security.
Declaration of Independence, July 4th, 1776

"The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane."

- Marcus Aurelius
Network Engineer by Trade
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  1. NuX
    NuX liked post by sky-knight On thread : libnet_write failed: with Intrusion Prevention APP
    That particular module has a UI that seems oddly sensitive... I've seen warnings in there that don't mean anything too but it's never been consistent enough to really pin down a pattern to report...
    Liked On: 12-16-2020, 05:03 PM
  2. NuX
    NuX liked post by sky-knight On thread : Lapsed subscription
    Basic and Plus both have Web Filter. What you get out of Plus is all of the rest of the stuff, which might have value. Threat Prevention is Web Filter, but for non http/https sessions... and it...
    Liked On: 12-16-2020, 11:36 AM

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