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    haha no no, I'm not offended it's accurate to some degree for sure. Just thought I'd say a bit more about my background, his comments totally helped and I'm grateful. Now that I'm retired I have a bit more time to fill in my gaps of knowledge, I appreciate any feedback and additionally I feel relieved to have found this resource for advice and opinions. I was a manager / owner / marketer in the ISP business who hired network engineers, but never considered myself anything better than a hack at best.
    And now you're in the weeds arguing with double NAT!

    You're in the deep end sir! I'm trying to get you out of it. Are you using COX by chance? Their "home routers with wifi" have a feature in their web UI to smack them into bridge mode. It reduces them to a simple cable modem, it's fairly straight forward. And then Untangle with external by default will get a public address and all this insanity evaporates.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sky-knight View Post
    And now you're in the weeds arguing with double NAT!
    Yep! and an update if anyone is in a similar situation. Turns out my Arris CM8200 defaults to Bridge Mode. There's no setting or anything in their documentation that I could find that denotes that.

    With the security concerns I'll be using a local IP on my own network in my panels to stream a jpeg refresh. Sharptools make's an awesome panel that intergrates with everything well, but the security camera options are limited.

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