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    Default Will Untangle work in this configuration?

    I have recently been asked to set up an untangle box for a business network, and after reviewing their basic setup I have a few questions about whether or not Untangle will work properly with it.

    The business has two separate ISP's, the primary is in use most of the time, but it has a backup line from a separate ISP in case the primary one is unavailable for any reason. My first question is will this setup work with the untangle box set up with three NICs, two external going to the separate routers and the internal heading to the primary switch?

    As an additional headache this company uses outsourced database software and tech support, so this external company needs to be able to log into the server to assist with any issues, can Untangle be configured to allow this or will it block them as intruders?

    Finally, they have a second location located outside of town. Currently it is too small to be worth hosting its own server for the software and connects to the database located on the main site. Will the offsite location have any issues getting past the untangle box if it is currently configured to be allowed through the current network?

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    hi damien, welcome to the forums!

    this all sounds fine and doable.

    you'll need to purchase WAN Balancer (or atleast WAN Failover) to support multiple WAN connections to the internet.
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