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    Default Network Setup

    Hi All
    I would really appreciate some help with this. I have an internet setup like this

    Internet=>DSL Modem=>Sonicwall=>Untangle=>Cisco router=>Switch=>Users

    Sonicwall Public -
    Sonicwall LAN -
    Untangle WAN -
    Cisco WAN -
    Cisco LAN -
    Users -

    The wan interface of UT is connected to the Cisco Router. If I connect the bridge interface to the Cisco Router, the Cisco Switch doesn't see it. It says interface is up but the protocol is down. So I had to connect the WAN interface to the Cisco switch. HOwever, when I do this, the users cannot get out on the net even when I turn off every virtual device in untangle. They can ping out, but they cannot browse. I have to add a bypass rule for everyone and then they'll get out but that renders the Untangle useless. Help please.

    It's probably a somewhat strange setup but I didn't see an alternative, all things considered.

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    According to the wiki (, it looks like you'd have to put UT after your cisco router... i.e.:

    Internet-> DSL Modem->Sonicwall->Cisco Router->Untangle->Switch->Lan

    I don't see anything in the docs that says UT supports deployment between two routers or firewalls. Everything I've seen suggests one end has to be connected to a switch.

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    It will work but it isn't an ideal situation because untangle will see all users as one IP address which causes issues for lots of the apps.
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    Why do you need that many security devices?

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    He probably thinks he can stop managing his network, doing updates and configure his services to be secure if he just have "one more security device". Hehehhe. I'm just kidding. Its just that i have seen people like this. "Oh i use linux, i don't need to upgrade my software".

    sorry for OT...

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    I'm sorry, what exactly is the purpose of having 2 routers + an untangle device?

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    If it is an option, I would turn this:

    Internet=>DSL Modem=>Sonicwall=>Untangle=>Cisco router=>Switch=>Users

    Into this: (If you are like me and use it for VPN abilities):

    Internet=>DSL Modem=>Untangle=>Sonicwall (Transparent Mode=>Switch=>Users

    or this: (if you want to use the Sonicwall and run in bridge mode):

    Internet=>DSL Modem=>Sonicwall=>Untangle=>Switch=>Users

    or even this too:

    Internet=>DSL Modem=>Cisco router=>Untangle=>Switch=>Users

    You have to many places that things could go wrong if you keep it the way it is and use Untangle. Moving things around may give you some network boost anyway.

    What I remember from Cisco class, in comparison to other network devices. Router are slow, routers cause delays, routers make things complex.

    Have the least amount of needed router to accomplish the required tasks.
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