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    Default Untangle to replace a watchguard firewall


    Any advice on the above, The client I have plans to replace its old
    watchguard firewall with Untangle. They want to take advantage
    of untangle ability to have WAN failover/balancer. They are currently
    using an E1 (currently connected to watchguard) and a pldt dsl as backup(not being used). Anything I have to be aware of since its the first time am going to use an E1 connection? Or just the same since it uses ethernet?

    Also, this client is using 3 different IP Blocks supposedly for expansion of the network (although they have 200 users now), what can I suggest to make the network easier to manage and simpler?

    Thank you for any feedback.

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    I don't remember if the watchguard has the ability to house a T1/E1 CSU directly like a Cisco... if it does you're going to need a separate CSU to convert that E1 into an ethernet jack before you can use Untangle.

    Adtran makes good products to fill this void.

    200 users is a bit high, but it can be done. Quad Xeon 2.4 or better, 4gb, sata harddrive... don't go any smaller... you'll regret it.

    Get a nice quad Intel based adapter, and stick with a mainboard with dual Intel gigabit for 6 interfaces and you can juggle traffic all day long.
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    Sky-Knight, i have 3.2 ghz dual core 3 GB ram and 160 gb hard disk and build in graphics, Build in nic realtek & one pci nic which is us robotics gigabit. working fine in my enviroment for 35 users only. I'am planning to install a dual intel gigabit for multiple interface so i can have my 2 access points connected to to 2 nic dual on untangle

    here is my setup

    Internet --> Untangle --> Switch --> Access Points ----> Laptop "Wireless Clients"

    I'am planning also to add a file server so the best thing would be to add more interfaces .

    so Sky-Knight can you suggest a good dual gigabit nic ?

    Also if possible provide me a link so i can purchase right away and give me your guidance accordingly


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