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    Default Spam and Content filter setup?

    I have a small .org that needs a better Spam filter and also wants to get a content filter setup as well. They have a Cisco Firewall/router (Hardware VPN to another site) and here is my Question. They are running exchange as well as Terminal services. I have SME 7.x setup as a spam filter now and all I do is forward 25 to the sme, and sme filters and sends off the mail to the exchange (SBS2003) IP address. Very simple setup. If I want to do content and spam filtering with the Untangle box... How can I do that? Do I forward ports 80 and 443 to the Untangle box? What all do I have to change? Or do I have to put the Untangle box somehow inbetween my firewall and network?


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    Untangle is an inline device, no forwards are needed.

    Just place UT in bridge mode between your gateway router and the main network, it will filter the rest.

    However, if you're terminating a VPN end point in the cisco be ready for some headaches, the VPN traffic doesn't always flow properly out of the box.
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