I an new to UT and am in the process of replacing our corporate firewall with UT. There is however a requirement which is bothering me. The scenario is such:

We have a firewall whose external interface is connected to a CISCO router. The internal interface is connected to our corporate LAN. There is no DMZ.

Our router has two sub serial interfaces. One subserial has a public IP (Serial A) and the other subserial has a Class A private IP (Serial B). Our servers are located at a data center which are not accessible through internet and not in our LAN. Users in the LAN access the internet through Serial A and our servers through Serial B. The required routing is done by the CISCO router.

My query is I need my VPN clients to access my servers at the data center. Effectively this means they would come in through Serial A to the external interface of UT and access our servers through Serial B again through external interface through UT. Is this possible with UT? If yes, I need some guidance. All the examples, I read talk about VPN Clients coming in through external internal interface of UT and accessing resources in the LAN. In my case the clients and the servers are both outside my LAN.