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    Default Include/Exclude Function

    Good day Untanglers,

    I have a quesion, for which i couldnt find answer my self.

    Basically what needs to be done is, bypass ALL traffic, except web and email filtering, so by pass ALL ports and connections except port 80, port 25.

    This way, users in internal will have to go through web filter, and everythign else like RDP, and 3rd party programs will work, for instance a terminal for printing train tickets.

    Is there a function like that?

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    Is your installation router or bridge mode?
    What installation of untangle? (linux, windows, rerouter, etc...)
    What version of untangle?

    You could use Policy's (poolicy manager) stating a range of ports
    You could also use Bypass rules under networking > advanced > bypass

    You can specify a port range like so 1-24
    You must creat a new rule for each range as I don't think you can do this (1-24, 26-79, 81-65535)

    Untangle by default bypasses outbound port 25 traffic which is usually desired. Otherwise your email filter may filter outbound traffic.

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    Thank you for your reply.

    Untangle is Linux based 7.1, its in Bridge Mode.

    yes thats how we done it, by creating new rule for range of ports with bypass all protocols, 1-24 etc.

    We need to filter only inbound mail traffic.

    But still bypass rules doesnt help, some 3rd party software doesnt work, unless we turned off Untangle.
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