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    Default Remove or Delete current dhcp leases

    I just wanted to post this info, because I couldn't find it in this forum.

    I was trying to delete all of the old dhcp leases and start from scratch without changing the settings for my saved static ip.

    For everyone information this is what I did to resolve the issue.
    1) turn off the dhcp server
    2) rename the /var/lib/dnsmasq/ file to xxx.backup
    3) turn on the dhcp server
    4) power cycled my switches

    I got the info mostly for this site...

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    I'm not sure why'd you'd ever want to do this, but in any case, power cycling the switch isn't necessary.
    Big Frickin Disclaimer:
    While I'm pretty sure, I can't guarantee that I know what I'm doing. There might be a better way to do this, and this way might actually suck. Make sure you understand the implications of what you're doing before trying to follow these directions.
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    Default Limited DHCP features

    Thanks for posting the information on the DHCP file and link to more DHCP information.

    This may be usefull to me in dealing with an issue I have had (and still have) relating to my client machines not being able to obtain and address, but there are more available in my range.

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