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    Default Untangle ahead of MS Exchange

    Can someone give me the Untangle Newbie guide to throwing an Untangle box ahead of MS Exchange?

    In the past for Spam and AV I have normally put a SME box (since about version 5.6 through 7.x)

    I start by making a "Dedicated" Server (single NIC) give it a static IP inside the network. Then I point the router to the SME, and the SME's dedicated mail server as the IP of the Exchange box... Thats it... other than perhaps a bit of tweaking the settings.

    I am guessing it cannot be "too" much more for the Untangle...

    Any help or basic how to would be great. Thanks,
    Or if this has been posted before perhaps a link to that thread.

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    Assuming your Exchange server is connected to the main switch, drop Untangle in between the switch and the router. Tell Untangle that all traffic to port 25 is supposed to go to the private IP of the Exchange server. Take a long lunch, and tell your boss it was a half-day job.

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