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    Default APN....Routing or port forwarding?

    I need help.

    let me first provide my current network infomation
    I have a cisco 1811 adsl router with a static ip address.the routers ip is
    the network ip range is
    between the router and the network i have a linux box witch serves the same purpose as untangle.with the 1 nic ip and the secound nic`s ip the linux box routes packets from the network to the network to give the intenal network internet access)
    the network gets internet and everything is working fine.
    the trick is i am trying to use a mobile apn. with is a 3g modem routed to the adsl also hosted by the mobile network company.
    the modem recives an ip of netmask

    when im connected to the 3g(apn) i can ping and but i cant ping any of the network .
    the plan is to try untangle because it`s not linux and remove the linux box
    if anyone can help me how i should configure untangle i would appreciated it
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