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    Default External Interface and Static Routes?

    I have been up and down the forums and have found some extremely useful information in the networking of Untangle but I am having a problem with routing.
    Here is my setup.
    Eth0 External (static wan): T1 – Switch – Cisco ASA – UT; 192.168.68.x –

    Eth1 Internal (bridge): UT – Switch – Local Network

    Eth2 DMZ (static) DHCP: UT – WAP; –

    Eth3 (static wan): T1 – Switch – UT; External IP Address

    I have setup up NAT on DMZ of / 27 to IP Address of Eth3
    I have also setup a static Route of (external IP and Netmask) to DMZ

    If I put Eth0 and bridge it to Eth3 I have access to the internet via WAP but as soon as I enter a static IP address on External it doesn’t allow traffic to the WAP? Am I forgetting to add another static route or is the design flawed?

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    if you bridge eth0 to eth3, then eth3 is your only WAN interface and stuff goes out there (which is good because its being NAT'd to that address)

    if you setup eth0 as a WAN interface, it will go out there instead I think (you can verify with tcpdump)

    If you want the DMZ to go out the second WAN you need to add a source route rule using wan balancer I think.
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    So if I understand this correctly you can’t have multiple WAN interfaces without WAN Balancer?

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