I came into work last Saturday to hopefully get UT up and running but no such luck.
I setup UT in bridge mode and I'm not sure about the Static / DHCP Settings.

Wen testing I keep getting
Testing DNS ... Passed
Testing TCP Connectivity ... FAILED

and as a result no internet from any PC.

Here are the combination's that I tried.
1. (T1 connection)==>(NetGear Switch)==>(Firewall)==>(UT Server)==>(Network Switch)

2. (T1 connection)==>(UT Server)==>(NetGear Switch)==>(Firewall)==>(Network Switch)

3. (T1 connection)==>(UT Server)==>(Network Switch)

The PC is a Dell 745 Core 2 Duo with 2GB Ram, 80GB HD.
Built in NIC is the External
Extra NIC is an Intel with Dual Ports Port1: Internal Port2: DMZ

I can connect the Built in Nic (External) to my Network Switch like this (T1 connection)==>(NetGear Switch)==>(Firewall)==>(Network Switch)==>(UT Server) and it picks up an IP from our DHCP Server and was able to download the packages, but thats not going to do the trick.

Where am I going wrong here?

And the problem is, I can test this during the week in a live environment.