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    Default New to Untangle - Confused by DMZ Setup

    I am new to Untangle. I love the interface and the QoS settings. I'm not used to the DMZ setup though.

    Basically my setup is as follows:
    Cable Modem
    Untangle router-----DMZ interface---FTP/web server
    Internal network (

    I'm not sure where to begin. I'm used to other Linux/BSD router distro DMZ setups. I originally set the DMZ interface as a static IP of and the server had The server could ping the gateway ( but couldn't ping anything else (not resolving any IPs even with valid DNS IPs). Though I could access the webserver portion on the server, just not the FTP server.

    Then I Googled and read that I should use the Interface in bridged mode. Well my option is Bridged: dymanic.

    At this point I am confused as to what IP I give the server to be able to access it to manage it over the Network.

    I have a dynamic public IP - no statics. I have spent a few hours on this and it is due to my ignorance, I'm sure.

    Thanks for any help!
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