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    Talking Untangle Act as OPENVPN server & client


    can we make untangle openvpn service running in dual mode which mean as server and client.

    the situation like this, our office must connected to head office so the untangle openvpn must be configure for openvpn client, am I correct?

    and the other thing that alot of our mobile user want to access application in our office using vpn so the untangle openvpn must be configure for openvpn server, am I correct?

    So can the untangle handle the situation above?


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    Hi Yep

    I do have quite similar issue with you and i still looking for the solution. I doubt UT box able to configure to dual mode... VPN module only allow us either configure as server mode or client mode.
    My HQ configured as network (VPN Server mode).
    My Branch Office configured as network ( VPN client mode )
    My Second brach office configured as network ( VPN client mode )
    Since i cannot connect to my branch network , can i connect to HQ VPN server and access the resources to my brach office ?

    Anyone try this situation before ?

    Thank in advance .

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    Untangle operate VPN in a star model, this means one server, many clients.

    If you have a need for a roadwarrior to reach the far side of a site-to-site tunnel, you need to export the IP range on the far side of the site to site tunnel.

    Just because the user connects to the main office doesn't mean you can't reach resources anywhere in the VPN cloud.
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