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    Default Testing TCP Connectivity ... FAILED

    I don't know if the above error message is the cause of my problem, but ...

    I have two untangle boxes each has a static public IP on the external NIC, and each is attached to the main network switch. They each are passing internet traffice to network clients and everything seems to be working fine.

    I have 2 web servers on the network - I registered domain names on each and had each name associated with a specific static IP on an untangle box. I'll try to "diagram" it:

    (UT#1) (UT#2)
    -------\ /
    <Network Switch>

    Computers on the network access the internet through either UT#1 or UT#2.

    In both Untangle boxes I set port forwarding: Untangle #1 forwards: Destined Local, Protocol: TCP, Port: 80 to Web Server #1,
    and Untangle #2 forwards:
    Destined Local, Protocol: TCP, Port: 80 to Web Server #2.

    Server #1 seems to work fine for everyone (internal & external).

    Server #2 only works for machines that access the internet through UT#2 (I don't know about external).
    (But, a ping to server #2 from ANY machine returns the public IP of UT#2.)

    I have looked and it appears that everything is identical except Untangle #2 has more restrictive web filtering, Ad blocker, Phish blocker, and Attack blocker, and I tried turning off each of the blockers and it didn't seem to change anything.

    Then I did a connectivity test and I got: "Testing TCP Connectivity ... FAILED" (Testing DNS OK)

    Any ideas ?
    Is the connectivity causing the problem - but how can internet traffic be working with this error?

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    How many default gateway are in the lan?
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    the TCP connectivity test fails if it can't connect to port 80 to
    Not related to your issue but something to look into.

    the port forward on the second box fails because if the internal server isn't using the second box as a gateway the return packets won't go back to the second box so there is no way for the second box to "unmap" the packets and send them back to the original client.
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