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    Thanks guys. Since I already have the second box I am going to go that route. If I run into issues of some sort I will gladly look into the policy manager. I just don't have the budget to spend anymore allocated dollars on IT than I have to. Thanks again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by j.razz1 View Post
    I want to be clear here, what I'm really asking is, am I asking for trouble by running another untangle box downstream in addition to the one that is between the internal and external network? Has anyone done this? If yes, has there been any problems? If no, is it a bad idea to do so?

    Thanks guys.
    I have a customer that does this. Their main Untangle has a premium sub, the secondary unit is just lite. The lite box's external interface is connected to a 100mbit dedicated fiber line that connects to the main office. The lite has no NAT policies, no DNS, just DHCP and static routes, and a few QoS rules. The far side of the lite box's external interfaces is eth3 on the main Untangle. The main untangle does all of the NAT work for the network.

    I could have used something lighter over there, but I wanted a consistent router interface to manage everything for that client. That said, I'm going to have to switch to something else because we've just uncovered the need for dynamic routing... I need multicasts to work across all sites.
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