Hello Guys,

I Have a VMWare Setup with 3 hosts and currently I'm using MicroCrap ISA Server The Hosts are configured with vSwitches;

vSwitch0 for Service Console / vMotion

vSwitch1 for Production / DMZ in trunk mode

vSwitch3 for iSCSI / NFS

The current MicroCrap ISA Server is running with two interfaces and is doing a NATing and Firewalling for the internal clients. One interface from DMZ Portgroup that's coming from ADSL Router and second interface from production.

Clients gateway is the vLAN IP Address. But with Untagle as a testing I can set up the Clients gateway as the Untangle Internal Interface.

DHCP and DNS is being handled by our domain controller.

I want to test the Untangle with two interfaces. How can I acheive that?