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    Default Best way to set up guest wifi?

    I want to set up guest wifi for our meeting rooms. We currently have wifi available in the meeting rooms but the access point connects to our main network. We connect our own laptops to it for meetings etc.

    I would like to introduce guest wifi so that for the odd occasion that a visitor wants internet access, we can give it to them but be certain that it's completely separate from our main network. i.e. the guest computers can't communicate in any way with any of our other systems. For obvious security purposes.

    Is this possible? How do you ensure that guest computers cannot communicate with network computers?

    Our setup is as follows:-

    ADSL Router
    Untangle Router
    Network Switch
    Servers and Workstations (DHCP and DNS is via domain controller)

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    Firewall can stop TCP & UDP traffic between interfaces; if you want to stop ICMP as well you'll need to use the Packet Filter.

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    Or you can uncheck 'only NAT WAN traffic' in config->networking->advanced->options.

    Then NAT will be done between all private networks (and hence they are totally separate)
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