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    Default Quick way to expand available nodes

    Right now my network has hit max nodes (giving out 30 iPhones did me in). We have a network where .1 - .99 are reserved and .100 - 254 are in the DHCP range. Now one thing I could do is change the subnet to which would give me 510 nodes.

    Unfortunately, I cannot do this due to downtime involved so I am trying to figure out an easy way to just add to my network and I am not 100% sure if I am setting it right in Untangle.

    I am adding as an alias to my router under IP Address Aliases. However, is there anything else to add to Nat Policies? Will doing this simply tell the router that it should route traffic by default through these two networks?

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    Yes, just add an alias. If you have an auto nat policy, it will work fine.

    The downtime from changing your netmask is the same as the downtime for adding an alias though. Both require saving network settings.
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