Although through the help with people on the forums, and digging through some documents, everything in my environment is working correctly. However, bandwidth seems to be screwed up as speeds are very poor with large downloads and uploads. Attached is a screenshot of my default rack which may not help, but I figured it can't hurt.

I have just over 100 users and in SiteA and 15 users in SiteB. Untangle box in SiteA has WAN (20mb/20mb), DMZ (WAN2) (100mb/15mb), and Internal (connects to gigabit switches throughout the network. SiteB has Untangle box with WAN(100mb/15mb) and Internal (Gigabit switch).

I have an IPSEC VPN connection between the sites and it has been working perfectly with no disconnects. However SiteA is not getting anywhere near the speeds that we are getting without the Untangle box. For example, I have tried to setup the Bandwidth Control where my Rules are set so that the IP address of my local workstation is set to high priority (I figured this would give me a boost for any download speeds).

I also set WAN Balancer so that my 20mb connection gets 70% of the traffic while my DMZ connection gets 30%. Then I set source routing so that the source address of my workstation uses the 100mbit connection. But when I do speed tests I never break 15mb down and 10mb up.

Also, while testing out ftp uploads, they speed to fall under 1mb upstream which leads me to believe something is slowing it down. I even shut off the bandwidth control to see if that would help. However, it only seemed to make things worse. Any idea on what to check?

Also, I am not trying to complain about the product. I think it is great but my lack of understanding of some of the features is probably the issue