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    Default New Untangle box

    Hi everyone firstly I would like to thanks everyone for your help, I just setup my replacement untangle box since my previous box crashed, the new one is a Dell Optiplex 745 small foam, the problem is that I need 3 network adapter (2 wan 1 lan) but this machine has 1 integrated network card and 1 pci slot available (which I already installed a pci network adapter) and also 1 pci-e x16. (video)

    Right now my box is up and running with 2 nic, I need a third one, I was thinking to get a usb network adapter or if you guys have a better solution I'm open for suggestion...


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    Single PCI slot? Your best bet is to get one of the Intel PCI dual port cards Tony is pitching out on the forums. They are cheap, compatible, well proven, and will give you two interfaces on a single PCI slot.

    Alternately, if you're not using that x16 slot, a nic can be put in there. At least in most cases, some mobo's complain, they shouldn't but they do.
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