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    Default problem persists with 5.3

    My S3 Tivo fails consistently when all UT functions are on.
    My S2 Tivo fails mostly but will occasionally connect & complete an update.
    Both Tivos work great with IPCop/Copfilter and Endian. I like UT so I'm still trying to make this work.

    To get the S3 Tivo network test to pass i have to disable the following UT apps:
    Phish Blocker
    Spyware Blocker
    Web Filter
    Virus Blocker
    Intrusion Prevention

    Any one of the above functions set active causes failure.

    I am in bridge mode, currently behind an IPCop firewall w/o addons.
    I am not blocking xmpp or anything else. All settings are default.

    There are never any entries in the logs. Shouldn't there be something if it is blocking the traffic?

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    Any reason that UT would mess with any of the listed ports?

    Is it possible that UT is not really transparent in bridge mode?
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    Default Re: Tivo Updates

    I am having issues when updating programming guide information for a Tivo Series2 DT and a Tivo HD. I have to turn everything off in the rack but the firewall in order to successfully update the programming guide. Has anyone encountered this and have an idea what is causing the connection to fail? Thanks in advance.

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    Did anyone setup a packetfilter rule or bypass rule like what was suggested previously?

    I run UT in router mode. no issues with my Wii doing updates (that I know of). I do not have TiVo so I cannot test this myself. My bet is when I get Internet connection to my DirectTV boxes that this maybe a similar issue. I will post my results at that time.

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    Smile My Soultion for TiVo Updating.

    I've ran into the same problems with UT and TiVo HD (Series 3) DVR and this is what I did to allow the DVR to do it's nightly updates.

    First off from the TiVo support site this list of ports to open is required.

    Then add a rule for each port listed in the above document, ensuring that you fill each field out correctly. Double check that you have added a rule for each port you wish to open, may seems like a lot, but apparently all are used, or so it seems. After much trial and error, I came up with a way to apply the rule and allow my TiVo box to do it's updates. This is how I filled out each field.

    Enable Rule: Check the box
    Description: Whatever you want here.
    Action: Select "Pass"
    Log: Check or not, your choice.
    Traffic type: TCP or UDP or both
    Source Interface: I used "any", being more specific might work, but haven't tested.
    Destination Interface: Again "any"
    Source Address: "any" (without quotes)
    Destination Address: Here I broadcasted (ex. 123.456.789.000/24) it to my entire subnet. Directly to your TiVo box may also work.
    Source Port: "any"
    Destination Port: Port listed in Support Document.

    So far, my TiVo box has updated it self for about 2 days in a row. Will monitor for a few more day, but so far looks like my settings are working as desired.

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