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    Arrow Port forwarding a range?

    In my old setup (SME 7.x) I was able to forward a range (In this case I need to forward 1024-2048 as well as 2741 for my RBS backup server) Basic forwarding seems to be working or at least the few tests that I tried worked however something is stopping outside access to my RBS server if I try to route through the Untangle server?
    I don't fully understand the 'Firewall' setup and the Port Forwarding setup? Do I have to put the rules in both?
    In my setup I have about 20 or more forwards. I for example I forward 33891 to 3389 (TS) to one of my systems, then I have VNC on 59001 going to 5900 on another, then I have 5500 on for a 'listen' port, ports 443 and 81, 80 and 21 then 22 etc etc the list goes on. I have never really had trouble in the past getting everything to work however Untangle seems to have tangled me up... Other than that.... I am BLOWN away its a fantastic setup I love it.... Still not used to a Linux Firewall / Router with a GUI.... its just strange
    Anyone able to help me out here is there something else I might be missing? Its an RBS Backup server it uses ports 1024 thru 2048 and any other port (I picked 2741) I set them up in Port forwarding the same way I tested 3389 that worked fine, when that failed to work I added the same to the firewall rules... but ... no deal. Thanks for any input.

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    Port ranges can be forwarded with startportnum-endportnum. The range is inclusive.

    So if you wanted to forward 1024 to 2048 you would input 1024-2048 in the destination port field.

    As for the firewall if you don't have it configured to pass all you have to manually specify the firewall rules separately. This may seem like double entry but it is really to your advantage. Especially since under the hood, the nat redirect rules are VERY different than the block pass rules the firewall uses.
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