Requesting config assistance please...

I have a UT router (UT-1) between our ISP WAN and our DMZ (public IP addresses) and would like the DMZ addresses to be reachable from the outside. When a client from the eth1 Private LAN side (behind UT-2) does a whatismyip, they should see the eth0 DMZ address (WAN2) of UT-2 and not the WAN address of UT-1 (WAN1).

Here is the basic device map:

ISP > eth1:WAN1 - UT-1 - eth0:DMZ > eth0:WAN2 - UT-2 - NAT - eth1 > Private LAN

ISP DG (next hop):

external eth1 WAN1 IP: /29 ("is WAN" box is checked)
internal eth0 DMZ IP: /26

ethernal eth0 WAN2 IP: /26 ("is WAN" box is checked)
internal eth1 Private LAN: /16

I can only get traffic to pass with the default NAT rule on the UT-1 internal interface ( auto) with no static routes built. I've tried removing the internal NAT rule and setting a static route to pass all eth0 DMZ traffic to the WAN1 gateway, but was unable to get traffic to flow. I've read through the numerous forum posts and wiki on diabling NAT and creating static routes, but must be losing something in translation or understanding. I've attempted many variables just to be thorough and hope a set of experienced eyes could point out the flaws.

On the UT-1 box I deleted the internal NAT rule ( auto) and have tried these static routes:
Target - Netmask - Gateway

Thanks for any assistance given.