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    Hi All
    I'm a bit puzzled about an issue here. I have about 70 computers on my work network. Of those, only about 5 computers will be allowed to go on the internet but more than one user will log in on those 5 computers to get internet access. Now I want to choose bandwidth control for the company. Do I choose 1-10 pcs or would it be 51-150 pcs?

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    The appropriate band can be calculated by counting the number of unique devices behind Untangle on any given day. More explicitly, it is the number of unique IPs on any non-WAN (local) interface including VPN users seen from midnight to midnight the next day. If the number of unique IPs is below the upper bound of the subscription band for that server it is fully compliant.


    Bypassed devices are not counted. Bypass Rules can be added for devices that do not need Untangle scanning and services (printers etc) but still require internet access.
    If the number of unique email addresses for scanned emails is greater than the number of unique IPs, unique email addresses is used instead.

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