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    Default DHCP slow to hand out IP address

    Hey Everybody, I am new to untangle but am trying to push the solution for my company's open wireless. I currently have the untangle box setup as the DHCP server since the devices that connect to the network are not company owned but we wish to see the hostnames.

    The issue we have noticed is that untangle sometimes takes a couple minutes to hand out an ip address to a new machine connecting to the box. Is this normal because when using a regular wireless router it will hand out the address right away.


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    If its a couple minutes thats not normal.
    If its a couple seconds (like 15) thats normal.

    You can speed up the whole process by making Untangle "authoritative" in config->networking->dhcp
    It as appropriate in most cases to make it authoritative but its not on by default because it can be dangerous while installing Untangle.
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