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    Default dumping table contens too CSV

    Not sure what forum this should be in :

    Stupid question I have an untangle box with some tables I need archived to CSV so I run

    nice -20 psql -d dbname U postgres -t -A -F"," -c "select * from reports.http_events" > http_events.csv &

    hoping to keep it from consuming too much memory and cpu it still does however , any hints on how to control it a bit better?

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    adding nice will have no real effect since its the postgres daemon that does the work not the process that connects to postgres and sends the query. nice/ionice might have some effect of just writing the results to the disk if you use -o instead of using the shell to redirect output to a file.

    you could nice or ionice the main postgres process.
    I have no idea what effect that would have nor if it is safe to do so.
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