I go to: http://www.myfoxla.com/category/2417...ewscast-feed-2 a great deal and lately cannot get the stream unless I shut off one of the components in the rack.

I use the Web Filter, Virus Blocker, Spyware Blocker, Phish Blocker, App Control, Firewall, Intrusion Prevention and Ad Blocker in my rack. (All the Lite version)

Now...here's the kicker: with all of them on, that stream does not load...if any ONE of those are shut off the stream loads in about 2 seconds and stays up - then I restart the component I had shut off and the stream stays...until the page is reloaded, then the stream fails to load again - until I again shut off any one of the components.

This is the ONLY website that does this to me.

All my laptops do the exact same thing - not the machines (they are all highly maintained). Untangle does not like something. I've been battling this for about a month now and cannot locate the issue, was hoping someone here could point me in the right direction.

Thanks for ANY help !!