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    Default High Ping times intermittently throughout the day

    We're getting high ping times when carrying out ping tests to various websites.

    Normally a ping time would be <40 but intermittently and frequently throughout the day we're getting ping times of >700. Obviously web browsing slows down when the high ping times occur.

    The Untangle attack blocker isn't shedding any light so far - scores of around 80 are about the highest.

    We ran virus scans etc on all workstation and these all came up clear.

    My suspicion is that there is a workstation that is either accessing a specific site (although popular video sites are blocked) and this is maintaining a connection to a site therefore causing the high ping.

    The web filter doesn't show anything obvious and there aren't any workstations with excessively high bandwidth's.

    The next step will probably be running a ping whilst the times are high and then unplugging network cables from one workstation at a time.

    Has anyone else come across a problem like this?

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    Can be a ISP issue, do the test pinging the next hop in the ISP or their home page.
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    How many users on the network? # of sessions? We're experiencing similar things right now but it's peaking 10k sessions (untangle's max from what I understand).

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