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    Default New Ports open on update

    I updated my untangle box over the weekend to the latest 9.x build. Before the upgrade nmap would report port 443 as open. Directly after the upgrade I have more open ports. I know what 443 is being used for as I have a port forward setup for that. Ports 53, 80, 3001 and 3128 though I am unsure. I don't have any port forwards or packet filter rules for these ports.

    53/tcp open domain
    80/tcp open http
    443/tcp open https
    3001/tcp open nessus
    3128/tcp open squid-http

    Does this seem typical? This is the first time I have ever upgraded and ended up with more open ports. All external administration is disabled.

    I have a script which nmaps all my machines and diff's the output, I was a bit surprised to see this.
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