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    Default fast time-- must force time synchronization

    Hi, has anyone experienced any issues with "fast time" in Untangle?

    When we Force synchronize with the NTP time server in Untangle, the time synchronizes perfectly. However, it seems that the time in Untangle is gaining about 20 seconds per day. Therefore, after a few days the schedules are being thrown out of whack, and obviously gets worse the longer we leave it without manually forcing it to synchronize again.

    Build: 11.0.1~svn20150105r39394release11.0-1wheezy

    Is there a way in Untangle to force synchronzing to the time server automatically?


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    this sounds like a hardware issue, what platform are you running on?

    and there may be something you can do...
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    ntpd runs and continuously syncs time.
    My guess is that something upstream is blocking ntp (port 123).

    All machines drift and ntp runs to "fix" it.
    20 second is pretty extreme though.

    /var/lib/ntp/ntp.drift stores your drift according to ntp
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