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    Default Web interface, packet filter

    Hi all,

    My original problem is from a Vista client I can connect to the Untangle and it goes green . I can access my internal clients only if i edit the HSOTS and LMHOSTS files. This is great fro my test network with 5 PC's not for my clients networks with over a 100!

    I have read an tried to apply the forum help, i.e. yes i am exporting my entire subnet, yes i have upgraded my openvpn client and yes I have enabled the firewall rule for VPN net to internal pass all.

    Heres my current problem. I have read that people suggest editing a packet filter rule to pass ping and netbios traffic etc. and that there is a web interface t this. Unfortunately I CANNOT FIND ANY REFERENCE TO WHERE THAT WEB ADDRESS OR PACKET FILTER SETTINGS ARE!

    So if someone could help I would really appreciate it!

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    if you are editing your hosts file it sounds like you have a DNS issue, not a connectivity issue. are you connecting via hostname or IP? do you have export DNS on?
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