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    Default DNS Connectivity Failed Message on main Untangle screen

    Wondered if anyone can help me with this.

    I noticed at the top of the Untangle main page a yellow exclamation mark which advises that DNS connectivity failed. It also mentions that a DNS server fails to resolve DNSBL queries.

    The DNS test within within the troubleshooting section completes fine with no errors.

    In the External network card settings, for the primary and secondary DNS servers, I've tried both Google's DNS and our ISP's DNS servers - but the DNS message still appears.

    The message only started appearing after upgrading to 11.1 (we were on 9.4 previously). The all of the settings are exactly the same from the 9.4 installation.

    Any ideas?

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    Of course the message started appearing after the upgrade to 11.1 from 9.4, those alerts were added in version 10. You never had them before.

    Now, the IP address listed, is having intermittent problems. It's quite common, and it causes issues, and that's why the alert was added! You need a better DNS server.
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    The tests for those alerts are only reload of the page. Use the browser refresh to re-run the alerts.

    Read more on our wiki:
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