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Thread: VLAN Confusion

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    Default VLAN Confusion

    I am running UT 11.1. I have 3 NIC's in the machine. 1 for WAN (eth1), 1 for LAN (eth2), and one for guest Wireless with captive portal enabled (eth0). I also have an additional VLAN added to the LAN NIC for a lab I have (eth2.2). Everything works flawlessly except for 1 issue I am having. I cannot route from eth2 to eth2.2. I cannot even ping. eth2 is and eth2.2 is I have DHCP server enabled on both eth2 and eth2.2 and both are in 'addressed" mode. I can route from to fine, and both can access the internet fine.
    It appears to me that the route tab cannot be used for this purpose as my route should look something like (this being the IP of the UT eth2 interface) which should be setup as (Network to route to, subnet mask, default gateway) as it is on a cisco device. Shouldn't the route be configured on the interface and not a global route? my routes work fine, so I just need a route from eth2 to eth2.2.

    Any ideas?

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    If Untangle can ping those IPs it doesn't need any more routes.
    I would remove any '' routes. I don't think those will help anything.

    Is the issue that 192.168.178.x can not ping 192.168.150.y?
    What are x and y? What are their gateways? Can untangle ping 192.168.178.x? Can untangle ping 192.168.150.y?

    Depending on how you configured it separate internal networks may or may not be able to talk to each other.
    How did you configure NAT? Do you have any firewall or forward filter rules?
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