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    Default StorageCraft Cloud Service

    We have been using the StorageCraft Cloud service at a client site for 2 years. Recently, StorageCraft decided to change the service, likely for good reasons. (No idea what they are.)
    I have been unable to get it to work since, and they insist the problem is with my firewall/router. We are using UT 11.1.0.

    They say that the ImageManager software initiates the FTP negotiation process, but that no other traffic flows to reply to it. I can show that port 21 traffic flows by initiating a telnet session form outside to that port, and the Packet Capture utility in UT shows the traffic is presented at the inside of the UT.

    I have turned off the applications (they have a full subscription), one at a time and all at once, including the firewall. Also Windows firewall. No joy there...

    StorageCraft has politely told me that this is the UT's problem, not theirs, and they have no explanation why I had no such issues when I configured their old cloud service.

    My question here is simply: does anyone else use the StorageCraft Cloud service behind a UT box, can you tell me what magic you had to use to get it working? Any other suggestions would be appreciated - I am pulling my hair out here!


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    Are you using IntelligentFTP for replication? Or Shadow stream?

    If it's the former, you may need to make a bypass rule for traffic terminating on the IP address it's connecting to (FTP server). Because Untangle will prevent SSL from being used.
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