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    Default device using simultaneous multiple IPs

    Using Untangle 12.01.

    Hi, i am noticing a user (same user, two different devices) is showing up with multiple IPs in the sessions log. All other users are showing up as normal (1 IP per 1 device in the correct assigned ranges). Users on the network are given a DHCP in a specific range by default, and for specific devices I assign a static IP based on their mac address.

    I am just wondering how this particular user is showing up with multiple IPs. Currently I am seeing this user on 4 simultaneous separate IPs with the same device. Strangely, some of the IPs this device is using are not from within the defined DHCP IP range. The protocol seems different for each IP instance (ie simultaneous different IPs for facebook, http, iTunes sessions). Are they doing this on purpose with software?

    The two devices this user is running are: Windows 7 computer, and an Android phone.

    We are not using Captive Portal. All wireless users are allowed/denied access based on approved MAC addresses (by me) in a wifi access point.

    I thought maybe they were using "share my wifi" type software to other devices, but then wouldn't those extra devices just show up under the same original IP as the host device?

    Right now it is more out of curiosity why this is happening. If they are in fact trying to exploit something I will block their access, but I would like to know more before getting to that stage.


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    There are a lot of possibilities here.

    can you give us a network map?

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    he could be using a Windows Access point tool...

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