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    Default Namecheap dynamic DNS Settings (How-To)

    After banging my head for an hour trying to get this to work, I figured out how to get Untangle to update the dns records for your domain dynamically using the Untangle gui. Thought I would share.

    The problem is the labels are wrong in Untangle. Here is what you need to do.


    Simply put your domain name in the 'username' box. Login to namecheap and enable dynamic dns. This will give you your auto generated password to use in Untangle.
    If the login credentials fail, the username and password fields will turn yellow.

    lastly, you need to make a host record on namecheap to hold the ip address untangle will be updating. Be sure to choose 'A + Dynamic DNS Record' and choose a host type. I used '@' for ip address. This '@' is the host name for untangle.

    I figured most of this out using this. Namescheap Dyndns info

    Alt method (AT YOUR OWN RISK):
    I didn't try this but you may be able to get it going using the terminal. Maybe even use other services untangle doesn't provide. If namecheap changes their server address, you can update it with this method possibly.
    from terminal:
    sudo nano /etc/ddclient.conf
    and make the config look like this:

    And no thats not my password

    This works with my current version as of 8/10/16
    Build: 12.1.0~svn20160804r43944release12.1-1jessie
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    Thanks for the post. I'll definitely look into the field labels for this DNS service.
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    How often does Untangle update it? I configured it per the OP above, but I notice my A+DynDNS record in Namecheap hasn't updated. Has only been an hour though.

    EDIT: Never mind.. It JUST updated. Should have waited 5 more minutes... lol
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