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    Default Port Forwarding works until the Dashboard comes up then it stops working

    I've got this really weird problem with Untangle. Here's my version info:
    Build: 12.1.1~vcs20160914T142433.44256.release12.1-1jessie
    Kernel: 3.16.0-4-untangle-amd64

    I have an RDP port forwarded and it works until the server starts up to the login/Dashboard then it stops working. Just to be clear, when I start my Untangle machine and see this in my browser: the port forwarding works and I can RDP to my internal machine. As soon as I reach the login screen and login to see the Dashboard the port forwarding stops. No more connections are possible. When I reboot the Untangle machine the port forwarding works for ~15 seconds, until the machine actually loses network connectivity.

    Anyone have any ideas why?

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    Probably because you have something configured to block it, and once whatever app you have configured to block it starts then it starts blocking it.

    But it could be many other things like Untangle not being properly installed in line such that once scanning starts then TCP fails.
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