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    Default Sky Fibre with Untangle (UK)


    Been using my Untangle setup with BT Infinity 2 Fibre for almost 3 years now without any problems, but recently Sky upgraded their service to Sky Fibre Max giving the same speed as BT, but for a lot less money. So today I signed up to switch over.

    My current configuration has the Untangle WAN Ethernet port connected directly to my BT Openreach Modem, and uses PPPoE to initiate the connection (i.e. I don't use the 'BT Home Hub' supplied by BT). This works perfectly, with my public IP address assigned to the untangle WAN.

    My question is can I avoid using the 'Sky Hub' that they will send out and continue to use my Openreach modem with sky username and password setup over PPPoE ? (I'm trying to avoid double NAT'ing which is what I'll end up happening if I have to hang my untangle box off the back of the Sky Hub..)

    Earlier versions of Skyfibre did use the Openreach model with a white 'Sky Hub', but the latest version of this hub is black in color and does not use the Openreach modem.

    I found a guide on how to extract the username and password from the Sky Hub using wireshark :

    The only thing that concerns me here is that it says that sky uses an older authentication method of 'DHCP option 61'

    Anyone out there done this, or am I the first !

    If this is not possible then since the Sky Hub does not support bridging the only alternative would be to connect to the Sky Hub and configure it to treat the untangle box as a DMZ server (there is an option on the Sky Hub to configure one fixed IP as a DMZ)

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