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    Default Comcast Modem gets 115 mbs but 89 mbs after Untangle

    New Comcast Modem... plug laptop in the back of the modem and get 115 MB download and 24 MB upload. Plug in to the network behind the Untangle NG Firewall and only get 89 MB download and 18 MB upload. I know there will be some overhead with running all the filtering in Untangle but not 25 MB worth.

    Suggestions? QOS in Config is set to 100 MB and 20 MB download... if I increase that, the speed seems to slow down.

    Untangle NG Details - AMD 8 Core Processor, 16 GIG RAM, dual GIG Intel NIC's and single 120 SSD... is the single SSD a slow down? Should I run a spinning SATA disk instead.

    To be fair... the Comcast Modem is a 1 GIG connection and the Untangle server is only connected at 100 MB... sounds like that might be the issue. If so, upgrading to a GIG Network Switch should solve that problem?

    Will try any suggestions to get closer to that 115 MB speed that I get directly from the modem.

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    There is a test in config > network > troubleshooting > download tests that you can use to test the speed of Untangle's connection to the internet.

    Turn off QoS and run those tests.

    If thats the speed that Untangle can connect to the internet, then thats the speed Untangle can connect to the internet and thats the speed you'll be able to get from behind Untangle.

    The limitation in lots of places, from PCI bus, to NICs, to the switch, or the duplex settings, or crappy NIC drivers, or crappy hardware, or whatever.
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    You should certainly upgrade your switch if you are connecting through it and are trying to get close to 115Mb/s. The switch can't do more than 100Mbit so that is one bottle neck. Also not sure where you are setting your QOS. Are you talking under Network, Advanced, QOS, Wan Bandwidth? If so what I have found is you will always test at less than your settings. I set mine at 88Mb/s download and 12Mb/s upload. My average actual test are about 85Mb/s download and 11.5Mb/s upload. If you consistently test at 115Mb/s down and 24Mb/s up (when using laptop to Modem), you may want to put your QOS at something like 114Mb/s down and 23Mb/s up (and then your actual test would be a little less than that). Anyway for your testing I would start with QOS off after upgrading your switch to Gigabit. After your getting the correct download speeds then apply some QOS if you want.

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