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    Default Total DHCP Failure

    This morning, no devices on my network were working..., wired or wireless. The only systems up are ones with a locally assigned static IP address.

    eg. My phone connects to the WiFi, says 'Obtaining IP Address', then after a few minutes 'IP Configuration Failure'. Under the DHCP Server dashboard Current Leases, all the devices on the network appear to be connected with a current valid lease, but every actual device says its not connected (TV, Sky Box, Laptops etc.)

    SOLVED: Rebooted EVERYTHING on my network, now looks to be sorted (but very wierd still...)

    Rebooted Untangle, and my main network switch, no difference.

    Any Ideas ??

    (Have been running Untangle for over 5 years with no issues...)

    Build: 12.1.2~vcs20161013T122052.9ba96f2.release12.1-1jessie
    Kernel: 3.16.0-4-untangle-amd64
    History: yes (0)
    Reboots: 1 (0)
    Current active device count: 4
    Highest active device count since reboot: 4

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    A network map might help us.

    A rogue DHCP server on Wi-Fi might be able to do that (WAG)

    what do the logs tell you / maybe you should contact support?

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    I am on the same build and Kernel and had a similar issue where DHCP stopped on eth4 on 1\10\17 which a reboot resolved

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