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    Default Internal iterface fails to reconnect

    Last night my switch that connects my U150 appliance to my internal LAN crashed and rebooted. The U150's Internal interface went into a disconnected state and never recovered after the switch had rebooted and was functioning normally. I unplugged the cable and reattached with no effect and even connected to a different switch on the LAN and the U150 internal interface still would no change state. A reboot of the U150 fixed the issue. Has anyone else experienced a similar issue?

    Untangle v 11.2.1

    I am planning on an upgrade to 12.2 sometime soon, but would like to know if this a known issue.

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    The Intel chipsets in use by both my appliances, as well as the uSeries have a voltage overload protection circuit. It relies on a reset-able fused link. In the event that fuse triggers, the only way to restore connectivity is to power cycle the equipment. This is one of the advantages of appliance construction, though this technology is also present on server grade network cards as well.

    So your reboot is exactly what you had to do to get your interface back.

    That also means your switch did a little more than just crash!
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