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    Default Moving to a new ISP

    We host everything internally (email, remote desktop, and a few other apps) that have port forwards setup on our Untangle box (free edition, router mode).
    We are currently moving to a new ISP so I've setup a third NIC as a WAN connection in the Untangle box that the new ISP connection hooks up to. I've been able to update our existing port forwards to use the new connection and have tested them successfully. I'm now looking to complete the transition to allow the LAN traffic to use the new connection for outgoing traffic.
    Is it simply a matter of unplugging the original WAN connection (aka "old ISP") and everything will just start flowing over the new WAN connection (aka "new ISP")? Or is there a setting to flip this automatically?

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    Unless you have Failover, no. The first WAN will need to be reconfigured as disabled to redirect traffic to the new WAN.
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