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Thread: IPv6 question

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigTFromAZ View Post
    I would like to thank you for this post. You all saved me a lot of time. I work for a small business and we really want to use IPv6 for all our communications. We have a different reason for wanting IPv6 than most. We are developing IoT software. Of course we have to support IPv4 but that requires the user to run activity through our servers because we can't connect point-to-point (e.g. your cell phone to an in home camera). We can present IPv6 to customers as a better approach for security and privacy reasons (yes, point-to-point IPv6 connections can be very secure). IPv4, NAT and tunnel management takes too much person-time to support and is easy to break.

    I evaluated Untangle this weekend and could not get it to work with a dual stack (4/6) connection using Prefix Delegation. I thought I was missing something because even DD-WRT supports that configuration. So sadly I must move on and I do mean sadly. I have been hoping to find a flexible software router with support and avoid the price gouging from the big network hardware players. So far, no luck.

    For now we'll keep the community version running for QA purposes on test networks but will pass on internal use. If this ever changes please reply to this thread. I like the business model being used by Untangle. It's a good deal for many but without complete support for IPv6, it's not for us.
    TNO! This another example why the IoT will be seriously problematic for domain perimeter defenses...uncontrolled P2P connections between 3rd party vendors and un-managed devices. Along with cellular 5G, I sense doom fast approaching! The privacy you talk about is not end user communications but secured collection of device data...Bad Robot! :-|
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