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    Default Struggling with Bandwidth

    I have a client that has 5 megs of bandwidth and 6 machines. About 2 times a week, I get a call that they are having trouble browsing and their IP phones are breaking up. When I login, I see the bandwidth is maxed out. It looks like legitimate use from port 443 and 80 but I'm not 100% sure. After a while, the usage drops. I have configured QoS to prioritize all traffic that goes to the IP of the SIP phones and set the rest to the medium policy and this seems to work 80% of the time but not when the bandwidth gets hammered.

    Is there anything else I can do to control bandwidth? Maybe set quotas to slow down machines that use too much bandwidth? I can't get them to buy any additional modules so this has to be done with the free tools available in Untangle. I thought about buying Bandwidth Control but don't know if it will help.

    Is there anyway I can control the bandwidth without buying Bandwidth Control? If not, will Bandwidth Control help? I just need a way to make sure the machines don't overrun the circuit with too much bandwidth use by slowing them down when needed.



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    Honestly, I'd say they've made a massive mistake using VoIP with a line that limited. Yes, Bandwidth control can help, QoS can only manage bypassed traffic. So your VoIP is getting high priority, because that's bypassed by default. But honestly, that's not complete. You aren't able to deprioritize other traffic at all without that module.

    So as a matter of a good practice I suggest you make two bypass rules one that's simply destination address, IP of VoIP server, and another that's source address, IP of VoIP Server. That way you can be sure that all VoIP is bypassed fully. This should help a little. But with only 5mb of bandwidth, a single Windows 10 station trying to pull updates is going to goof up your phones.
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    You simply can't do it with QoS alone. Making 100% sure VoIP is bypassed helps - but you will never get what you want without more granular control.

    If they are adamant on not spending money, you need to look at free solutions like pfSense installed on a separate server for the bandwidth control.

    I would also say they made a HUGE mistake going VoIP with a 5Mb pipe... But it is what it is, sometimes we don't get to pick what we have to work with. However, they need to accept the limitations of their chosen design, too.
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