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    Default Problems accessing websites during lunchtimes

    We are having problems accessing the internet during lunchtimes. It doesn’t affect everyone at the same time but basically on attempting to load a website the browser just sits there trying to load the site. If we open a new tab and attempt to load the same site it will most likely load ok. If we close the browser and try loading the website again it will load fine.

    It doesn’t appear to be a bandwidth issue. We have run numerous speed tests at the point where the problems are occurring and these come back showing almost all bandwidth available. We have users that watch YouTube videos during lunchtime most days.

    The issue doesn’t affect everyone at the same time – for instance someone might be experiencing problems opening a website, whereas other users can access the same site without any problems.

    We have two WAN connections – one fibre to the premises (152/12) and one fibre to the cabinet (40/10). These both go into an Untangle box that is configured for load balancing (80/20) and is also the default gateway for the network. The Untangle box has very low resource usage at all times.

    The only thing that has changed within the last couple of months is that we have migrated to Office 365. We have approximately 50 users.

    Outside of the lunch hour the problems don’t occur as far as we have seen during our testing.

    Our domain controller (SBS 2008) serves as the internal DNS server and has forwarders configured pointing to Google's DNS servers. It has the Untangle unit's IP address as the default gateway.

    I'm thinking that the issue could either be DNS related or with the Untangle unit in that it can't cope with the number of requests it receives during the lunch hour.

    I was wondering if anyone had experienced issues like this before?

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    What apps are you running? How are they configured?

    If its DNS the browser will say its hung resolving the host at the bottom.
    If its TCP based the browser will say its connecting to the website
    If the website is just loading slowly you may have to open the javascript debugger (f12 in chrome) and look at the network tab to see what resource is slow to load.
    If its load problem, you would see that on the dashboard/reports and you said the load is low. (I highly doubt it with only 50 users unless you're running on a tiny little router or something)

    Take a screenshot of your screen when you see the issue.

    To eliminate multi-WAN issues you could set it to 100/0 for the time being
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    Thanks for the reply. I will put a screenshot up the next time the issue occurs. The browser doesn't usually say that it has hung resolving the host, rather it just displays the page loading animation at the top and either a white page if starting from fresh, or the previously loaded page if a site had already been opened.

    We’re running the following apps:

    Web Monitor – All settings as default
    Virus Blocker Lite – All settings as default
    Firewall – One rule configured to block internal access to port 25 external
    Reports - All settings as default
    WAN Failover – Configured with one test for both of our WAN connections
    WAN Balancer – Traffic allocation configured as 80/20. 80% via the 152/12 FTTP connection and 20% via the 40/10 FTTC connection.

    I will set the WAN Balancer to 100/0 for a few days and test. Will this be just as effective as turning the WAN Balancer Off? If we were to turn the WAN Balancer off how would we force Untangle to then use the faster of the two connections?

    Is it possible that any of the other apps might be causing the problem?

    Thanks for your help so far.

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    Today we tried disconnecting the slower of the two WAN connections from Untangle and we also tried setting the WAN Balancer to 100/0 but neither of these made any difference - during the lunch hour testing period the problems persisted.

    Next we'll try disconnecting the faster of the two WAN connections and if that doesn't make any difference we'll completely remove Untangle from the network at least this way it will allow us to be certain whether it is or isn't Untangle causing the problems.

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