We have been having internet connectivity problems for the last few months. Primarily when the connections are under heavier load (e.g. during lunchtimes) we find that webpages fail to load for certain users, YouTube and iPlayer videos stop playing etc. If we close and re-open the tab/browser and try the same site or video again it works fine until the problem occurs again.

Our setup consists of two different ISP routers going in to our Untangle unit. The Untangle unit itself connects in to the LAN. The two ISP connections are load balanced.

One of the routers is fibre to the cabinet, the other is fibre to the premises.

If we disconnect the fibre to the premises router, leaving just the fibre to the cabinet router connected, the problems go away. Likewise if we disconnect the FTTC router, leaving just the FTTP router, the problems start to occur.

We've tried turning the load balancer app off leaving just the FTTP router connected but the problems continued.

It does appear that the FTTP connection is at fault and we are in contact with the ISP - so far they have swapped out the router as well as changing the major underground fibre cable from the cabinet to the premises but no fix has been found so far.

Has anyone experienced similar issues?