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    Default Issues getting DHCP from new Modem

    So not sure if I will be able to get help with this but Charter said everything is good on their end and to contact my 'router' support. lol But has anybody else here had issues getting an IP from a dpc3216 modem? My DHCP is spotty with this new modem. Sometimes I get an IP if I reboot the modem and other times I don't. Charter doesn't seem to be of any help on the issue. I can connect my computer directly to it and it gets dhcp just fine so I'm thinking it has to do with my Untangle box. Anybody have an experiance with this sorta issue? Also I am going to pick up a new modem tomorrow from them just incase I got a faulty unit but I'm not sure if that's the case, I might just have to buy one of my own from bestbuy if nothing else works.

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    Some ISP modems have allow only one MAC address to get an IP address. I've had to go to extremes to see a new router by unplugging and removing the internal battery to get an IP address on the new router.
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    I don't have that particular model modem at home, don't know what model is at the shop, but in dealing with Charter/Spectrum over several years and different modems in both residential and business settings, I've not encountered that particular problem.

    Could it be something simple like a bad cable? Is the connection dropping altogether perhaps? I suggest using the WAN Failover app to detect connection losses. That problem I have seen, And unless you can show them the logs, they don't seem to see it.

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