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    Default Hyper-V VM Packet Loss

    I have Untangle 14 running as a VM in Hyper-V and am experiencing some packet loss. MAC address spoofing is enabled, I have tried both regular and Legacy NIC's (legacy is slightly better). The VM is a Gen 1 as I had issues installing via Gen2. The issue seems to be the same regardless on the Hyper-V host I run it on. I have 3 setups the same, all with packet loss. Has anyone had this issue before and if so, how did you resolve it? It's causing issues with the Exchange DAGs.

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    You can't do Gen2, because Untangle doesn't support EFI.

    What version of Hyper-V? Because if you're on 2016 I've had to reboot hosts to clear up virtual switching issues several times this year, and some of the monthly CUs are utter disasters. Honestly, it's turned me off of Hyper-V pretty hard.
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    I also have Untangle 14.01 installed as Hyper-V VM.
    I resolved some problems I had by ensuring that adapters' properties were not set to use Jumbo Packets.

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